Being a professional construction company, New York Ductless offers a wide variety of services to meet the needs of our clients such as:


  • installation new ductless air conditioners, old air conditioners removal (window a/c and thru the wall a/c) with patching holes and wall repair (including brick work, stucco, siding) painting walls
  • small home renovations, including
  • new door installation, moldings, tiles, floor


Why New York Ductless?

Save money and time with our company, and get one free estimate for all renovation including quote for installation of High Efficiency Air conditioners/with option of supplementary or primary heat!

  • We work with best companies-manufacturers of the equipment, which provide up to 12 years’ warranty
    Free consultation with our specialist will help you to make a decision about your new home design. If you want to change something in your house and you don’t know how to start or what to do – call us! Couple of moldings, new door ,new a/c and fresh paint will change your life!
    If you are planning a small renovation, New York Ductless, Inc. will do it for you.
    With modern a/c systems you going to get quality air with big saving in a futureBefore air conditioning could afford only rich people, but everything changed. Now middle class people can realize their dream and get a/c work done within one day, and enjoy the fresh cool air in your home for the reasonable price.
  • We are serving 5 borough area of New York and nearest cities of New JerseyWith the air-conditioning system you will have double benefits. It’s a great way to not only to protect yourself from the heat and humidity during summer time, but also warm up in a winter season.New York Ductless has team members highly experienced in jobs that we offer
    We have been working for over 15 years and our team members have performed their jobs over and over, which makes our clients highly satisfied with us.
    Our ultimate goal is to provide the highest customer service and satisfaction customer needs.


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